Woocommerce vs Shopify: Which solution is best for you?


When someone wants to start their own online business, usually the first question they ask themselves is which platform should i use and which one is better? Woocommerce versus Shopify... In this blog post, i will take you through all the pros and cons for each platform. There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself before going any further…First, What is your starting budget? Second, How much time are you willing to spend to operate your online store? Finally, What is your marketing strategy?   WooCommerce If you have any knowledge of WordPress and your monthly budget is limited, you might consider going with WooCommerce. You don’t have a monthly fee like Shopify and their dropshipping plugin (alidropship) is a one time payment only (89$ USD). As for design goes, the number of templates offered to build a site with WooCommerce far exceeds the number of templates offered by the company Shopify. Moreover, the community of designers gravitating around the WordPress solution is probably the largest in the world.

Having an e-commerce site to sell your products and services is good, but you still need a marketing strategy to reach, engage, convert and retain customers.In this sense, your e-commerce solution must enable you to implement your Web marketing strategy.

One of the most important elements of your strategy is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your e-commerce solution should allow you to position your site in the search engines.

WordPress has long been recognized as one of the best solutions to implement your SEO strategy in search engines. The structure of the solution allows you to have full control over the keywords that you integrate into the URLs and tags "Title", "Description" and "H1".

The Yoast SEO module of WordPress is an excellent module to manage your SEO. Yoast SEO has a version for WooCommerce. It allows you to manage the important elements for SEO for each page of your site. Yoast also allows you to manage Open Graph Protocol (OG) tags that manage the display of your pages on social media.



  • FREE (WordPress + WooCommerce plugin)

  • Dropshipping plugin (Optional) 89$ USD one time

  • Domain name (about $ 10 / year)

  • Hosting (varies between $ 2 to $ 10 / month)

  • The purchase of an SSL key (between $ 10 to $ 100 / year)

  • Fees related to the addition of paid modules (Between $ 25 and $ 100)

  • And possibly, the expense of hiring an e-commerce expert for flawless installation and configuration.



  • FREE! (You only need to pay your domain name and hosting plan)

  • Simple to use for small stores

  • WordPress = Great for Blogging

  • Has a great plugin for Dropshipping (WooDropship)



  • Need to pay for hosting & SSL certificate

  • Smaller Userbase

  • More likely to get hacked

  • A bit more complexe to use for beginners




If you have never worked with WordPress and are a bit less tech savvy, then Shopify could possibly be a better option for you.Shopify is probably easier to navigate and customize than WooCommerce and their payment system is simpler also.

WooCommerce and Shopify offer several ecommerce site templates. Although the amount of available themes is much larger for sites built with WooCommerce, the quality control of the themes offered by Shopify is superior.

WooCommerce and Shopify are two easy-to-use solutions. Since Shopify ranks in the category of "Do It Yourself" solutions, it would be surprising to come to another conclusion. Shopify's mission is to offer an ecommerce solution for everyone so for ease of use i would have to say Shopify is your winner in that category.

When you create a Shopify account, the solution guides you through a series of questions about the nature of your project. The solution will offer you various options based on your answers.

Once the basic configuration is complete, you have access to a dashboard and a menu allowing you to access all the features of your site. The structure of the information in the menu allows a very intuitive navigation, easy to understand.




  • Basic plan: 29$/Month (USD)

  • Shopify plan: 79$/Month (USD)

  • Advanced plan: 299$/Month (USD)


Dropshipping (Oberlo)


  • Starter: Free

  • Basic: 29.90$/Month (USD)

  • Pro: 79.90$/Month (USD)





  • Built For Ecommerce

  • Better Credit Cards Rates

  • Better Add Ons and Apps

  • More beginner friendly

  • Integrates with Pinterest

  • Has a great tool for dropshipping (Oberlo)




  • You need 3rd Party Apps

  • Fees for using 3rd Party Payment Gateway

  • Monthly fees can be high


Bottom line


WooCommerce and Shopify are two popular solutions that have advantages and disadvantages, but that meet the needs of the ecommerce community. Before making your choice, it is important to understand your needs and weigh the pros and cons of each solution. For me personally, I would say if you know WordPress and are comfortable working with a CMS, i would go with WooCommerce but if you are a beginner and have no experience with a CMS or web integration then i would go for Shopify.

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