Design will continue to follow the main trends of 2017. It will be complemented with new ideas and techniques related to the use of the web media. It should not be forgotten that design is one of the most important phases in the development of a website. Indeed, 30% is dedicated to the web design part hence its importance! The web is much more than code, it is especially to offer a rich and beautiful experience to the one who comes to visit a site.


Split screen design


These types of designs are popular because they offer beautiful visual experiences on both desktop screens and mobile devices. The split content is displayed side by side and becomes stacked one below the other when moving to mobile. Thus, we keep a consistent, but original experience for users regardless of the media. The shared screen is the desire to achieve a minimalist and modern design. This trend is evolving today by going towards a more asymmetrical grid.



Asymmetric grid


The design area in perfect symmetry is over. While split screen designs were one of the trends in 2017, this visual principle is evolving in 2018. Designers divide the visual elements on the screen with a more asymmetrical grid pattern to offer a more modern design.

For this concept to work, there must be a distinct balance between the elements. Spaces and text boxes balance with images to create an aesthetic layout.





PNG, JPG and even GIF images are a thing of the past. In the modern world, we pay more attention to the quality of images and their accessibility. The SVG format will certainly be the most popular format in the 2018 web design trends. SVG has no loss of quality compared to other image formats. This will be the best format for graphical elements like icons for example.

Scalable vector graphics become more common as a type of image. SVG ensures that graphics, icons, and logos stay perfectly clear regardless of the size or resolution of the screen.

All high resolution screen displays (Retina) contribute to the increase of this file format. Moreover the SVG can be declined in very light animation thanks to CSS.



Triggered animations


As browser technology progress, more and more websites offer more than just static images and come up with new ideas to engage users. These animations are useful to engaging visitors on your website. Animation is an excellent tool for engaging users and immersing them in the story of a brand.

Animations triggered by the use of the scroll encourage users to continue to scroll through the pages of your site These animations increase the commitment. These animation triggers are not new, but they started to be used in a new way. The best animations triggered by scrolling are minimalist, educational and strategic, they aim to increase conversions.

Scrolling animations can also clean the look of your website. Instead of having a collection of buttons and menus, your site will transmit a real interactive experience to your users by adapting according to navigation with animations that will display or remove certain elements.

Bright colors

2018 is definitely the year of bright and original colors. In the past, brands and designers were stuck with the use of standardized Web colors. Now, web designers are becoming more daring in their approach to color. They dare supersaturation or use flashy colors that the RVG spectrum of our screens offer (light colors, retina screen).

This is partly due to technological advances in the screens more appropriate to reproduce rich colors. Vibrant colors are useful for new brands that want instant attention, but they are also perfect for brands that want to stand out artistically and make a splash.



Custom illustrations


Custom illustration continues to grow in web design. The illustrations are excellent media for creating fun, user-friendly images and generally add a pleasant element to look at a site. Artists can create imaginative and branded illustrations, though this trend can help make brands generally perceived as serious and easier for potential customers to understand. Regardless of your brand identity, there is probably an illustrative style to match it.



Mobile first


It's true that the importance of mobile-friendly web design has been steadily increasing for several years, and this trend does not seem to be slowing down.

In the first half of 2018, Google will roll out its new Mobile First index, which will place much more emphasis on the mobile version of your website, placing it first in the search results. This means that your website must have a mobile-friendly design.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are also becoming very important. If you have not heard of AMP yet, it's an open-source coding standard for publishers that allows them to quickly upload their sites to mobile. Traditional mobile websites can be a little heavy, but AMP accelerates the mobile experience by lightening the code, using external resources for media files, and running scripts in parallel to enable instant page loading.

Whether you are designing a brand new site or redeveloping an existing site, the AMP is a must for 2018





Gradients and other color transitions are fashionable. As of 2016, big names like Instagram have decided to change their logos and images from a flat color to multicolored transitions. From logos to buttons or image overlays, this trend is ubiquitous.

This trend is still related to advanced CSS3 code level. A few years ago, web designers had to use the jpg image format to make gradients. However, compression for the Web deteriorated the nuances by pixelizing them. The result was rarely perfect. Now you have beautiful renderings thanks to color transitions created in the code of the site without flaws.


Video & image content


Unless you have lived in a cave for the past five years, you've probably witnessed the soaring of the internet video era! You can easily integrate this very engaging media on your site by using a video background or video players from Youtube-like platform, Vimeo, Daily motion ...

Using video or 3D animations is a great way to visually show your story, product or service. For example, imagine how much a product would be more appealing if it were presented under its different facets. You will be sure to captivate your visitors and better seduce them for a possible purchase.



An approach to photographic content remains highly relevant in 2018 web design trends.

It is interesting to note that the reasons are obvious: more than 60% of the users think that the decisive factor of a purchase is the use of images and unique photos, the online shops must therefore give the maximum of Warning. Moreover a picture is better than a long speech to communicate and it is also true in the world of Web design.