The athleisure trend

Trends are constantly changing in the world of fashion. But the “athleisure” trend is clearly not going anywhere. The athleisure trend is a result of the phenomenon that has transformed sportswear – which is no longer reserved for sports – into stylish, city-style outfits.

Athleisure is the cross between streetwear and gymwear. This style advocates a healthy lifestyle and proves that style and comfort are not incompatible. We focus on pieces that are worn in photo studio as in the street. Wear clothes for activity and style.

In addition, you could position yourself in several ways: by creating a specialty store, by offering a new collection in a more general fashion store, or by promoting your items in a fitness sub-niche of your choice. Depending on the positioning of your brand, you may also be able to expand your business later by offering other complementary products, such as fitness accessories, fashion accessories, or even jewelry.

Millennials are usually the target audience in the niche of athleisure. Visual platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are obviously ideal channels to make a brand known in this niche, whether through an organic approach or through the dissemination of paid advertising campaigns on these same platforms. Also consider accelerating your growth with influence marketing. You can find on Instagram many influencers in the fitness niche, who would be willing to wear your clothes as models and promote them on their accounts in return for a fee or commission on sales.

The trend can also be attained by wearing sneakers at all times with any basic garment; jeans, dress, skirt, even pants tailor! It gives a sport look, casual and ultra comfortable.

Converse sneakers remain a classic, but why not opt ​​for a little color? Every spring, there is a new star color. This year, the orange is in the spotlight!

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