Thinking about quitting your job?

The freedom to work from home at your own pace

How Millennials are changing the work industry

The days where bosses imposed their dictatorship are long gone!

Before internet, almost everyone had to work a 9 to 5 job. Even if they hated their job they would stick with it until retirement. Nowadays, things are much different. People are looking to have more control over their lives and have more freedom. They are fed up with being stuck in traffic every morning and evening. Internet has created a lot of jobs and opened new horizons that were not there 15-20 years ago. It is now possible to get paid without having to leave the house.

We can no longer ignore it:...with the arrival of millennials, our companies have taken a serious face lift, they came across a different mentality and innovative standards that were not there 10-20 years ago. The younger generation attaches great importance to a healthy balance between work and private life, without having to make any concessions in their career.

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Employees wanted

What companies need to do in order to stay attractive

Some industries are facing a serious crisis, they are having more and more difficulty finding good and reliable employees. More people are looking to work from home so this situation is not going to get any better soon. Companies need to find a way to be attractive to the younger generation of workers. If they do not deviate from rigid thinking and standard work, they risk a shock. The consequence ? These companies will no longer be attractive to the younger generation and they will probably end up closing.

Traffic jams are another big problem in our society that we just can't ignore. There is nothing pleasant with the fact of being stuck in your car for hours every day. So in order to counter that, companies will need to be more flexible and allow their workers to work from home a couple days per week (depending on the working area). There is a barrier that companies need to break and that is they feel their employees will be productive if they work from home but recent studies show it is the opposite that is happening.

The reasons why people quit their 9 to 5 job

Here is a short list of the main reasons people quit their job to start working at home:

  • To have more control over their career (More freedom)
  • They want to make a career change
  • Financial reasons
  • Family reasons
  • Health issues
  • Tired of traffic jams

Companies need to listen more to the new generation of workers. Understand that the realities have changed and we are no longer in 1976 where every worker was in the same mould. I believe the companies who will adapt the better to this situation will have more success in the long run.


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Opportunities online

What kind of work can you make a living from working at home?

Recently i made a blog post on ten legit ways to make money online, to sum it up here is a list of opportunities working from home:

  • Having your E-commerce store
  • Selling on Amazon with FBA or on Ebay
  • Writing blog posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Become a freelancer (Gigs)
  • Making and selling courses online
  • YouTube channel (Video marketing)
  • Photographer (Traditionnal or by Drone)
  • Become an Influencer (Build a large following)
  • Build several websites and resell them

Bottom line is that if you are not happy with the job you have you no longer need to endure, it is now possible to seek for other opportunities. We live in a world of opportunities and there will always be something that you will fit in and feel 100% accomplished.