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Quite paradoxically, at a time when innovation is everywhere and permanently, being directly solicited by the younger generation, the retromarketing or nostalgic marketing, consisting of using cultural references past to promote a product of the present, is also a trend that is very popular with the now famous Millennials. For Jeff Fromm, president of FutureCast, a box of consultants specializing in the Y generation, and columnist on bizjournals, this trend of young people to nostalgia for the old days is explained by the fact that “at a time when technologies are advancing to high speed and while the economy is not at its best, Generation Y is looking to get back into the good old days of its childhood.

This is the perfect time for brands to agree to this trend and to remember to young people in the golden age, so-called nostalgic marketing or retromarketing, looking for the time when everything was simple “. A few years ago, the Sunny D brand had successfully relied on retromarketing to win back its young customers, by unveiling a memorable advertisement, while Twix had taken out its chocolate biscuit under its old name to seduce the nostalgic gourmands. But above all, what really illustrates this trend today is the Pokemon GO phenomenon, which has already pushed more than 70 million mobile users to search for Pikachu, Salam√®che and online and offline.

For specialists, it’s simple, if the retromarketing works as well with young people, whether orchestrated by Coca-Cola, Pokemon, Microsoft or Quick and KFC, it’s because “relive positive memories and find icons adored by the past do good, besides the professional schedules, the responsibilities to take on and much more, these memories make us smile … and that leaves an open door to the message of the brand. feels or is really paying attention to something, we are much more likely to act. Share a memory with a Millennial, and you should be able to touch it from an emotional point of view, the Grail for a marketing strategy “.

At a time when the world is becoming more and more impersonal, this marketing of nostalgia intends to gather the crowds around the same memory, the same emotion, by humanizing the brands and by creating deeper connections than this one. which exists today. However, be careful how you carry out your marketing strategy: go back into the past if you want, but without neglecting the present and the future!¬† This is exactly what Pokemon GO was doing, giving a new dimension to the heroes of the 90s manga, who invite themselves into the real world thanks to the principle of augmented reality. Do not forget to bet on the notion of authenticity, capital today among the under 30s. It is worth listening to the moments of nostalgia of young people (by studying for example the #ThrowbackThursday trend on social networks, which invites users to share a strong memory every Thursday), and to know how to satisfy them thereafter. So, do you feel ready to dive back into the past … while looking to the future?

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