Dating in 2019

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Marketing & Dating in 2019

You can find some similarities between Marketing and Dating, in order to be successful in your business, you need to have a marketing strategy, you need to have that something extra that will you stand out from your competition. When it comes to online dating, it is pretty much the same thing. Your online profile needs is to be inviting and pleasing to the eye, when people check your profile they should want to learn more. Exactly like you website, having high quality images and good content will definitely make or break your success when it comes to online dating. Also, just like in Marketing, you can also do some A/B testing with your pictures and text just to see which ones will get you the more matches!
Dating in the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship and then turns single will tell you that in 2019, meeting people has nothing to do with what it was 15-20 years ago. Before people used to go in bars or parties in order to meet other people, nowadays everything is done online through dating apps like Tinder, Badoo, GoSeeYou and more recently; Facebook Dating. Talking to another human has never been so easy but ironically, having a stable relationship has never been so difficult... Buy why? A Lot of people are overwhelmed with too many options that complicate relationships nowadays. You just cannot focus on one person at a time if you see several people at the same time. Dating apps also create an illusion that you can have whoever you want but in reality it is not always that simple. It's a bit like your Facebook friends, it may seem as you have a lot of friends but usually they are not all friends. I bet if you decide to move tomorrow morning, only a handful would volunteer to help.

We date like we shop online

People nowadays tend to shop exactly the same way they date. They usually start with research and filtering potential candidates. After doing some research, comes the attration stage. When we feel attracted to someone we want to go deeper and find out more. Then might occur some doubt or uncertainty... exacty when you are buying online you want to compare before making some sort of commitment. There are several steps you must follow when meeting online:
  • Creating a profile
  • Attempt to communicate with others
  • Adding them on your Messenger
  • Exchanging pictures/videos
  • Trying to get a date
  • Dating
It may seem very simple like that but in many cases you won't reach the dating point, why? Because people have too many options and you must absolutely stand out if you want a chance. Also people have busy lives and just won't have time to engage into long conversations.  As soon as they have nothing more to say you will be forgotten, that is why it is primary that you don't wait too long before meeting in person.

Get your lottery ticket

Meeting interesting people is similar to a lottery. You can meet hundreds of people and never find love or you can meet only one person and stay the rest of your life with her. Of course there is the luck factor but there are some things you can do to put chances on your side:
  • Make sure you're in the right mental state to meet people
  • Make sure you made peace with your past
  • Make sure your confidence level is high
  • Don't only rely on looks
  • Ask the right questions before dating
Although these are no guarantee to your success, they will help when trying to meet people which can fit with your interests and needs.
good and bad

The good and the bad

Meeting new people can be very exciting and fun, having several people liking your pictures and sending you messages can be very flattering to your ego but dating apps can also have their downside...When everything goes well, it can be a very positive experience but on the other hand, when you start accumulating disappointments it can really take a toll on your self esteem and your mood. Also, for some guys it can be a very frustrating experience especially when the only girls who are interested are girls that you have no interest for. But that is self explanitory by the fact that there are much more men than women on those apps and the most attractive girls receive hundreds of messages each day so the chance she takes the time to check your profil are very slim. Usually what will make you stand out are the points in commun you might have with this person and also if there is a mutual attraction.