Bluedio T2S Headphones product review



The Bluedio T2s headset is foldable and portable, with the rotating 195 ° design that saves space and makes transport easier. It has a 57mm speaker, a 16 ohm impedance and a 20Hz-20Khz frequency response. It has the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version and is IOS / Android compatible.


Versatile portability

The bluedio turbine t2s headset features a rotating design that keeps the earpieces in place, it can be folded inward for portability. The helmet is available in black, white, blue, red. The brand Bluedio is little known in Europe, but in China the brand has created a good reputation, it is very popular.

The T2s is robust and remains lightweight 218g. The hoop is made of metal, on which there is a comfortable leatherette upholstery. The rotating parts that support the earpieces make the helmet a bit brittle due to the weight of the ear cups positioned at an angle.


Built solid

Overall, the bluedio t2s wireless remains solid and provides a good quality of manufacture. It is lightweight and comfortable worn, because of its rotating design, it will be necessary to place the ear cups on the right and left atrium and be careful to turn the bow forward is in the right direction. The T2s of course rests on the ears and provides a comfortable fit, they are quite soft and well padded, but as it is imitation leather, there is still a heating effect when listening.



It is very easy to connect in Bluetooth to your compatible devices. At the connectivity level the signal remains stable, you are entitled up to 10 meters away from the source, which is in the norm. With the headset, you can share what you listen to someone else, it is enough that this person plugs his headphones on the headphone jack so that he can enjoy your music. Level autonomy nothing to say 40h in listening music and 45h in telephone conversation, small problem 2h charge, which is a bit long.



The Bluedio T2s headset just does its job and this will suffice for most users who want to buy a Bluetooth headset in this price range. Indeed for about 40$ CAD, the people targeted by this type of helmet are not audiophiles.

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