E-commerce trends

E-commerce Trends

In this section we will talk about the e-commerce trends all the hot selling items on every major site. As you may already probably know, people are buying more and more online. It is important for those who want to start their online business to know what’s selling and what niches are popular at the moment. Nowadays, more than ever, there are multiple tools like Google Trends that can scale trends and analyze how people are spending online. With such tools it is easier than ever to know what kind of people buys what kind of article.
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Among the e-commerce trends, alot of experts agree on the importance of personalization.
This is a strong trend that impacts the entire web: choice of products, cross selling, emails, support. Today, e-merchants must offer an experience tailored to each profile to be able to convert and retain their customers


In addition to product customization, the services offered are also part of the enrichment of the customer experience. Get ready to chat with more and more chatbots in 2018, whether on Messenger platforms or websites. The launch of a Messenger plugin for websites is not trivial and should interest many e-merchants. Today, it is clear that the chatbot experience is rarely optimal, many elements must be improved so that the discussion, written or oral, becomes natural.

Artificial intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence - and especially, the application by web professionals of the possibilities offered by the AI ​​to personalize and optimize the customer experience - will continue to animate the digital teams in 2018. "Intelligence artificial is on everyone's lips, like the Holy Grail. Whether in terms of productivity, personalization, relevance of information or content, the perspectives offered by the AI ​​are endless. This e-commerce trend is only going to grow each year.
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Advances in simplified mobile payment technology, including fingerprint and face recognition, will increase the percentage of mobile device transactions.

In a context where Google, Samsung and Apple are making advances in their payment technology (and doubling their pool of users), mobile payment should actually become the preferred payment method for retail purchases, with mobile reach 70% of eCommerce traffic by the end of 2018.



The athleisure trend

Trends are constantly changing in the world of fashion. But the “athleisure” trend is clearly not going anywhere.

 - 05/04/2018